Zebulon Baird Sanders

Zeb Saunders was a lawyer and "afraid of neither man, devil, nor Judge... ready to fight at the drop of a hat*"

Zebulon Baird Sanders was born in 1866 in Sheffield Twp., Moore County, NC and died 1932 in Newberry, SC.  He was the son of Isham Sanders and was the family "character" according family members who knew him. He is buried in the Browns Chapel Christian Church Cemetery in Spies, Moore County, NC.
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 "Uncle Zeb" Sanders

Zeb bore a strong resemblence to his brother Hugh T. Sanders


Maude Sanders (wife), Carl Baird Sanders (son), Lenora Alice Feeney


zeb grave

 Zeb Sanders Headstone

* Quote from an article about Uncle Zeb that appeared in "The Moore County News" , Carthage, NC, (Oct. 20th 1932).