Zebulon B. Sanders Obituary Article

From article in the MOORE COUNTY NEWS, Thursday, October 20, 1932

Announcement of Zeb B. Saunders death at the South Carolina home of his son. Active legally in Moore, Montgomery, Stanley Counties, as well Ada, Oklahoma. Died Monday - buried at Brown's Chapel, about 62 years of age. His wife Ella Maude Jenkins - married in mid-nineties. Son of Isham Sanders. Went to Wake Forest two years, studied law at UNC and admitted to the bar in 1892. Located in Troy; came to Carthage in 1896. Shortly after went to Albemarle, served as Postmaster one term In Ada, Okla from 1913-1921. Returned to Carthage and Hemp*. Quite a character, according to the write-up Quick to fight with his fists or with words in the Courtroom. On record that he defied at least two judges of the N.C. Superior Court bench, and at least on one Occasion went to jail for contempt of court. His encounters were not confined to the courthouse dared any man to cross his path".

His death was hastened, many believe, when he walked right into the path of a swinging club in the hands of an erstwhile friend.

(article furnished by Wm. Brewer)