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Jolley Family Reunion (abt. 1898)

Origins of the Jolley Name

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The Jolly Murder

The Tom Jolly Murder Trial

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Manson "Manse" Jolly

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Manson Sherrill Jolly photo and articles

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MANSE — Confederate Hero or Deranged Killer?

Manse Jolly Myth

Maid of the Foothills

Manse Jolly House

Manse Jolly Gravesite

Ballad of Manse Jolly

The Ballad Manse Jolly written by Jeff Rose

Manse Jolly Rebel Article

Manse Jolly, Jesse James Article

Manse Jolly, Confederate Veteran


1. PDF and scanned documents may be slow to load depending on your internet connection speed.
2. There is a possibility that we are related to Manse Jolly based on "family lore" from my gm (Jolly) Davis. To date we have not "proved" the family connection with documentation. If you have any corrections, suggestions, or additional information on Manse Jolly please contact the webmaster


1. Most of the documentation on our Davis / Jolley family genealogy was provided by Steve Davis.
2. Materials on Manse Jolly came from many researchers who have willingly shared information.