Manson Sherrill Jolly

South Carolina's Own Jesse James
Rebel Hero Or Renegade Murderer?

Manse Jolly


Manse Jolly - Facts And Fiction (includes 2 articles from the Anderson Independent Newspaper, 1981)

Manse Jolly's Gravesite (Anderson Independent, nd)

Death Of Manse Jolly In Texas (Anderson Independent, 1975)

Manse Jolly's Ride In Anderson (Anderson Daily Mail, Jan. 29, 1968)

Legendary Rebel Lies In Remote Grave: The Dallas Morning News, March 27, 1965, By Thomas E. Turner, Central Texas Bureau Of The News

Manse Jolly, Once Terror of Yankees in South Carolina, Buried in Little River Cemetery; Was Drowned in Walkers Creek: Milam County Texas Cameron Herald (March 15, 1934)

Jolly's Last Ride in Anderson in '67; Daring Guerilla Threw Yankee Camp Into Disorder With Mad Dash: The Anderson Daily Mail, Monday, June 11, 1928

Manse Jolly Obituary: The obituary appeared in the Anderson, SC newspaper and was dated Thursday August 5, 1869

Manse Jolly, Anderson Guerilla: Two Manse Jolly Articles in the Columbia State Newspaper (1932):

An Unreconstructed Rebel, Jolly Kept Killing Yankees This article by E. C. McConnell (AP) appeared in the Columbia SC Newspaper. The copy we have is barely readable. If you have a readable copy please let me know!

Article about Union Abuses

Article about an image of Manse Jolly

Book And Article Excerpts

Quotes About Manse Jolly

South Carolina History

Anderson County Traditions

Glimpses Of The Nation's Struggle, Lt. Col. Chas. Tyler Trowbridge

Books About Manse Jolly

The following books are about the life and exploits of Manse Jolly by a well known researcher.

Manse: One Mans War by Wilton Earle. Historical fiction, highly recommended

Manse Jolly: A Story Based On Fact by Garet Earle. Out of print and hard to find!

Another book is Maid Of The Foothills by J.W. Daniel which is out of print. (not recommended!)


(1) Scanned copy of a photo from the book Manse: One Mans War by Wilton Earle (a must read!). This is the only know image of Manse and was made from a daguerreotype that belonged to the Jolly family. According to some the Confederate Memorial statue in Anderson SC is based on a photo of Manse Jolly but that is probably fiction according to researchers.