The Anderson Daily Mail, Monday, June 11, 1928

Jolly's Last Ride in Anderson in '67: Daring Guerilla Threw Yankee Camp Into Disorder With Mad Dash

Manse Jolly's last ride was made on January 30, 1867, when that daring guerilla dashed down Fant street—through the very midst of the Yankee camp shooting and yelling like a whole army of men. The soldiers beat a hasty retreat, and when Jolly had disappeared in the distance, they organized a band to go in pursuit and made a great ballyhoo about capturing the raider. As a matter of fact, however, they were by no means anxious to get within shooting distance of Jolly. Following this latest escapade, Jolly went to Texas where he was drowned a few years later while attempting to ford a flood-swollen stream.

Note: This article was written by Franklin "Hank" Acker, writer for the Anderson newspaper. According to Wilton Earle, Manse Jolly researcher and author, this story is more 'legend' than fact.