Daniel Webster Davis Family

Daniel Webster DavisJudy Ellen Davis

Daniel Webster and Judy Ellen (Sanford) Davis


Davis Family

Daniel and Judy Davis family. The older lady on the left may be Daniel or Judy's mother.

Daniel Webster Davis, also called "Rockingham" Davis, left his home home in Starr, NC (Moore County) in his early teens. Its not known why he left home at such a young age. Daniel's left arm was cut off in a saw mill accident (date unknown). He moved to Rockingham, NC and then later to Rock Hill, SC sometime after the birth of his youngest child Fonnie. Daniel opened a meat market in Rock Hill, SC in 1903. Steaks sold for 7 to 10 cents per pound and sausage 10 cents per pound! His son, Archie Foster, helped out at the market and delivered meat to customers in a croaker sack.