Hardy And Sallie Sanders' Missing Headstones Found And Returned!

In the early 1970's the headstones for Hardy and Sallie Sanders were vandalized and broken. Shortly afterwards they went missing and the status of the headstones has been a mystery ever since. Recently an individual contacted us by email and asked us to pick them up and return them to their original location. It seems that the person who took the stones had the intention of bringing them back and having them restored., but that project got put off and then forgotten. The person who took the headstones died about 10+ years ago and they were left in a garage until they were discovered recently. We are thankful that the headstones have been returned to the original location!

The 'missing' headstones for Hardy and Sallie found and returned!

The "missing" headstones for Hardy and Sallie found and returned!

The broken pieces

The broken pieces behind their original location. Note the lack of weathering - the pieces were stored in a garage for over 30 years!

The broken stones

The broken stones shown with the new headstones.

Hardy's gravestone

Hardy's gravestone - quite a difference in the weathering of the pieces!

Sallie's gravestone

Sallie's gravestone in position

Photos by Ed and David Sanders
March 2006