"Outrages by the Military"

An Account Of Union Soldiers Raid On Manse Jolly Mothers Home

On May May 3, 1866 the newspaper, Anderson Intelligencer, contained an articled titled "Outrages by the Military" which contained this brief account of a raid of Manse Jolly's mother's home:

 "The second instance of reckless behavior, we learn, occurred at the house of Mrs. Jolly, five or six miles north of the village, on Thursday night, we believe.  A squad of men was sent there to arrest M. S. Jolly, who, as is well known, stands in an unenviable light with the military.  Upon demanding admittance, the house was opened, as had been done a score or more times on similar occasions.  Immediately search commenced for Mr. Jolly, but failing to find him, articles of value belonging to his sister and mother were taken, among which are included a gold watch and small pocket pistol.  Both Mrs. Jolly and her daughter were treated in a rough manner by the soldiers, the former declaring that, out of the numerous detachments which have searched for her son, this has behaved the most indecorous, to speak mildly.  We have not heard, at this writing, that any notice has been taken of this affair by the officers, nor do we know that the matter has been reported to them directly."

Thanks to historian Bruce E. Baker for passing this article along.