Daniel Webster Davis

Daniel Webster Davis was born near Star, Moore County, NC in 1854. Mr. and Mrs. Davis moved to Rock Hill, SC in 1895 from Rockingham, North Carolina.

From about 1895 to 1909 Mr. Davis operated a Meat Market, known as the Davis Market. This was located in an old tin building on what is now known as North Trade Street. At the same time Mr. D.W. Davis was in business, Captain L.M. Davis was also in business on Trade Street, so in order to distinguish between the to Davises, the people of Rock Hill always spoke of Mr. D.W. Davis as "Rockingham" Davis.

Mr. and Mrs. Davis had a family of five girls and three boys; three girls and two boys survive. Two of the daughters and two sons now living in Rock Hill are as follows; John L., A. Foster, Mrs. J.L. Dozier, Mrs. R.G. Brown and Mrs. W.A. Parrish of Spartanburg, SC.

The sons of "Rockingham" Davis continued to operate the meat market from 1909 to 1950. In 1950 Mr. A.F. Davis retired from active business at which time the business was acquired by his two sons, James L. and Foster M. Davis and a son-in-law, W.M. Smyer. The business is known as the "Davis Market, Inc."

Submitted by: Mr. A.F. Davis
To the Rock Hill Centennial Association in 1952.

* Document provided by Steve Davis.