Sanders in the Civil War

BRITTAIN SANDERS: Company F, 3rd Infantry Regiment, entered on July 15,1862. It is said that he was taken into the service of the Southern forces, left his plow standing in the field and served 3 years, leaving his wife and 4 children. He was at Gettysburg and taken prisoner May 12, 1864. For more information see Moore's Roster and History of Moore County by Wellman. Brittian is buried at Brown's Chapel in Moore County. 

"MILLER" JOHN SANDERS: Company F, 3rd Infantry Regiment. He was mentioned in accounts from Martin Brewer as being with him at Camp Lookout, Maryland, escaping and coming home for a while and returning to prison together with Isham Sanders and Mack Ray.He is buried at the Sanders cemetery near his home.

SIMON SANDERS: Company D, 48th Inf. Regiment was sworn in March 13,1862; was at Gettysburg, 48th was in action in Maryland invasion and suffered severe losses in the Battle of Seven Days; also heavy losses at Sharpsburg, and Battle of Fredericksburg.

JESSE SANDERS: Company F, 3rd Inf. Regiment; sworn in JULY 15,1862, wounded at Gettysburg. He is buried at Bensalem.

ISHAM SANDERS: Apparently Served along with John Sanders in Company F, 3rd Infantry Regiment and was for a time a POW. Isham is buried at Brown's Chapel. See photos

Source: Documents in Moore County Historical Association Records files.

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